woensdag, 04. augustus 2027, TBD, Aaron's 50th Birthday Party

Uit 04. augustus 2027 - 13:00 Tot 23:30


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Beschrijving van de gebeurtenis
Please come celebrate my 50th year on Earth!

This party is going to be ridiculous!

In the party room, we'll have naked stilt-walkers, soma, hoverdrinks, a couch jacuzzi, 40-foot ceilings, gobi trampolines, and trivial pursuit.

In the back, we'll have massage tables and therapists, a whip cream room, a 2-story cylindrical 3D projection screen for all you 4D tetris fanatics, a chocolate fountain, and a real tree.

Please invite your friends.
Cost TBD. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

If you would like to be a fundraiser, or a part of the production team - welcome to the team! Please get in touch.

Depending on your device, you might not be shown that this event will take place in 2027.

Aaron's 50th Birthday Party, TBD evenement

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