zaterdag, 17. november 2018, Jeugdklub 2470 VZW, UnderViewer - the obsCURE

Uit 17. november 2018 - 19:30
Tot 18. november 2018 - 3:00

Jeugdklub 2470 VZW

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Beschrijving van de gebeurtenis
On Saturday 17 November 2018, pre- FRONT 242-project Underviewer will line up together in Jk2470 with the obsCURE, the best Cure-tribute band of the universe. The even more famous Danny Quetin from De Dag des Oordeels will glue your dark feet on the afterparty 242 it all started in 1978. Before joining Front 242 in 1981, Brussels-based artists Patrick Codenys and Jean-Luc De Meyer began working together in  the introduction of analogue machines, the duo enjoyed the total freedom of tone and inspiration, although at the time there were many technical limitations and constraints. From musical experimental tracks to melodic and structured songs, Underviewer focused their creative approach on minimalist arrangements influenced by German bands including La Düsseldorf, Neu!, Can, and DAF.The album ‘Wonders & Monsters’ brilliantly renders the force and timeless melodic quality of music which belongs to everywhere and any time, never claiming to belong to any form of avant-garde. 14 songs swaying between fire and ice, carried by the distinctive and unique voice of Jean-Luc De Meyer, and fuelled by Patrick Codenys sharp and modern production style. Underviewer’s songs have that particular infectious charm and poppy catchiness that make them instantly accessible and addictive.the obsCURE tested the water for a fully crowded GC Den Dries - Retieafter the Dark Balloon-show of Anne Clark in March 2016. And what a show it was. Lead singer Dirk Vreys already today is the re-incarnation of Robert Smith.

UnderViewer - the obsCURE, Jeugdklub 2470 VZW evenement

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