vrijdag, 09. november 2018, Solvay, 17th ABIS Colloquium 2018

Uit 09. november 2018 - 9:00 Tot 17:00


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The complex and unprecedented social, environmental, market, and technological challenges we are currently facing shed more light on the business case for sustainability.
Academic research, corporate sustainability champions and the adoption and engagement around the UN Sustainable Development Goals have led to the understanding that business, societal advancement and environmental preservation are inextricably linked. Businesses can generate economic value by identifying and addressing the areas in which the company has a material environmental or social impact. According to the Business & Sustainable Development Commission, achieving the SDGs could open up more than an estimated US$12 trillion in market opportunities.
The business case for sustainability is no longer the question, the focus is now on how to harness it:

How can companies thrive and generate business value in an increasingly complex (business) environment, while also contributing long-term social and environmental goals?
How to systematically approach sustainability in business practice to improve the odds of success?
How to concretely develop innovative solutions that create real value for all stakeholders?

The 2018 Colloquium aims to bring together leading voices from industry, academia, youth communities, public policy and more to address three key themes - circular economy, digitalization and sustainable finance - that have a great potential to capture the business opportunities generated by sustainability and will have a huge impact in driving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development agenda forward.
We encourage participants to join practitioner-academic conversations to co-create specific questions and innovations that will facilitate the development of new business value from sustainability.

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About ABIS
Since 2002, ABIS has established itself as the biggest business-academic network in Europe working in the field of business in society. With around 100 institutional members, it represents more than 500,000 students, researchers, teachers and practitioners. In this regard, it is uniquely positioned to convene high level debates among leading business and academic stakeholders, and to identify future opportunities for building a robust change agenda which supports the overall SDG targets.
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17th ABIS Colloquium 2018, Solvay evenement

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