zaterdag, 25. mei 2019, Antwerpen stad, The global speaker award

Uit 25. mei 2019 - 9:00 Tot 18:00

Antwerpen stad

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Speaking is about more than just uttering some words to tell your story. It is about captivating your audience, take them on a journey they will not forget. It is about the tone of your voice, the movement of your body, the silence in your words.On the 25th  May 2019 during the Global Speaker Awards, we give you the opportunity to transform from a mediocre speaker to a master on stage. On this day you will be single-handedly coached by 4 different coaches, specialized in different areas to walk up the stage and own it.You will get tips and tricks from the marketing coach, you will learn how to use your voice, where to place your hands and how to engage the audience with your intensive bootcamp will be rewarded with a performance on stage. You will be given the opportunity to  put in action what you have learned, the same day, in the afternoon.

The global speaker award, Antwerpen stad evenement

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