woensdag, 22. mei 2019, De Winkelhaak, Blockchain and AI: beyond the Hype

Uit 22. mei 2019 - 18:30 Tot 22:00

De Winkelhaak

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Tech Talk Description

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are all around and are definitely the hypes of these days, so time for a reality-check! What is realistic in our expectations in the applications of both A.I and Blockchain? Blockchain is seen as a fundamental en revolutionary technology for many among us, still we notice it isn’t evident to launch this applications into practice. Let us check out which applications do work and how we can expect them to evolve.
In the A.I. talk we will walk you through misconceptions that general public has about AI and contrast them with reality. You'll get to know how close we are to creating the Terminator.

Target audience

 Software developers


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18:30 - Doors open - welcoming with bites & drinks19:00 – Part 1 – Pieter Noyens - ‘Blockchain: beyond the hype’ 19:50 - Break20:05 – Part 2 – Wojtek Kuberski – ‘Hype vs Reality’21:00 – Final word and kick-off networking22:00 – Closing down the evening

Blockchain and AI: beyond the Hype, De Winkelhaak evenement

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